Cosplay Bowling Fundraiser!

Welcome to the Boston Cosplay Bowling Fundraiser information page! Read below for all the information pertaining to this event! If you have any questions, please e-mail me at eilonnwy(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

Image from the Boston Bowl Website


Goal: Ranma came to me and asked me if I thought we could some sort of cosplay bowling fundraiser to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina. Considering I've held 2 bowling events so far, I thought this was a great idea. So basically our plan is to raise money to donate to the Red Cross and have fun at the same time! While cosplay is not required, it is greatly encouraged!

Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2005
Time: 1pm **
Place: Boston Bowl (617-825-3800 for directions/info)
Cost: $20 per person
Organizer: Jackie/Eilonnwy
Contact: Email: eilonnwy(at)gmail(dot)com Cell: 617-840-6946

**I've noticed from previous events that people have a tendency to arrive late, and it just makes it less stressful if I ask for people to arrive 1hr before our party is booked. This way I can get a feel for who is coming and give people a little leeway if they're running late. The actual party is booked for 2pm.

Concerning Tickets!

This event has been booked as a Fundraiser. This means that half (50%) of the cost of your ticket will be donated to the Red Cross. However, there are some important things to note about ticket purchases:

1) Please purchase your ticket ASAP! Considering the nature of the event we're holding, I really need advanced payment! This will help me figure out how many people are coming plus organize the donation money and event better. (Plus I have to make a $25 deposit on the booking, and I'm broke. ;-;) If you absolutely cannot pay in advance, please contact me via e-mail or cell phone and LET ME KNOW, so at least I know you're coming. (I will accept payment at the event, but I STRONGLY discourage it)

2) $20 is simply the cost minimum. Feel free to donate more money as you feel fit. You can purchase a ticket for $35 if you wish, in which case $10 will go towards the bowling event, and $25 to red cross. The more you spend on your ticket, the more money Red Cross will receive.

3) You DO NOT have to attend to purchase a ticket. While attendance is encouraged, people can still purchase a ticket. In which case 100% of your money will go to the red cross.

4) If you send a check, please send it ASAP and notify me when you have done so.

5) Also, it's important I receive your contact info when you purchase your ticket so I can add you to the list. Paypal should automatically send me this. If you mail a check, please include a note with your name and info.

6) Your ticket will include:

1 1/2 hrs. Bowling
Free Rental Shoes
2 Slices of Pizza
1 Soda
10 Tokens (Can be used in the DDR Machine!)
$10 donation to Red Cross (Or more if desired)

Additional food or entertainment is at your own cost.

Payment Options

If you are interested, please purchase your ticket today! I will accept mailed in checks, or online payments via paypal. Once your payment is confirmed, you'll be added to the list and set to go!

You can mail a check or money order to the following address:
Jacqueline Lavache
42 Franconia Street
Dorchester MA O2122

If you wish to pay using paypal, then proceed below:

IMPORTANT FOR PAYPAL USERS! If you pay by credit card instead of directly from your bank account using paypal, paypal will automatically deducts 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 from your payment. There's nothing I can really do about that. You might want to consider factoring that in if you make a credit card payment if you want the Red Cross to receive the full $10 donation. Details on paypal's credit card policy can be found here: here. HOWEVER, if you're a verified member and pay via paypal using your bank account, there is no charge. So you might want to go use that method instead if you can.

And Lastly...

MBTA Directions - Take the red line to JFK station. Then go to the bus area. Off by the handicap drop off area is a small bus stop bench by itself with a sign that says Philips Courtesy Shuttle for the Ramada and Comfort Inn. It comes fifteen minutes past and fifteen of the hour. Just tell the driver you're going to Boston Bowl!

Bowling Time - Those who attended the last Cosplay Bowling event might notice the bowling time was changed from 2hrs to 1 1/2. This was done to lower the group price from $12 to $10 so I could charge an even $20. Plus, at the last group, after 90 minutes people started to venture off and go into the gameroom, so I figure that's all we really need.