Avalon is the webmanga by Rae and Ely. It takes place in a futuristic setting where humans have gone into space and colonized other planets. However humans aren't the only race in existence there. Vampires, faeries, and elves also exist in this world of advanced technology and magick. One vampire, Tadashi Shiro, seeks revenge on his master for all the suffering he's endured. On his way he meets a hyper-active faerie assassin, a dark angeth, a bitchy Knight Templar and more...

The Fanlisting was created by Ely for the purpose of bringing together all the fans of Avalon. :D Not sure what a fanlisting is? Well basically it's a place where all fans of a particular show, movie, person, etc... can come together to create a huge listing of fans of that subject. It helps bring together a community of people who love that particular subject and also helps to expose the subject even more. Meanwhile, fans with websites on the list also get some exposure themselves. It's a fun thing to be a part of and all you have to do is join. :D

Once you've joined, you're officially a fan and become what I like to call an Avalonian. It's just a fun little name I made up for fans of Avalon. You'll notice all the buttons I made say Avalonian. It's just a condensed way of saying "I'm a Fan of Avalon". ^_^