If you wish to join The Gates of Avalon Fanlist, please read the guidelines below and then fill out the form.

1) You must be a fan of Avalon, otherwise...why would you join? ^^;;

2) You must provide a valid e-mail address and your country. If you're from the US, you only have to put USA. Do not enter your state. If you do not have these, then you will NOT be added.

3) Having a website is not required, but if you do, please put one of our buttons on it andlink back to us.

4) When you list your favorite characters, seperate them by commas. Do not add "And" before the last one. If you check the list of members, you'll see this is how I set things up. If you want to say you like All, just say "All". Any other text such as Smilies, I like "insertchar" the most, etc... will just be ommitted.

Submission is currently offline

I currently have no time to update this site. With 30 people waiting to be added and no time to get to it I've taken down the form. If someone is interested in taking over the site with HTML knowledge, feel free to e-mail me.

Note: A new window will pop up when you press submit. Check the information you entered then press continue to complete the process.